Fruits, Bakery or Sweets?

Fruits, Bakery or Sweets?

The Vape Dungeon team is excited to introduce a collection of new ejuice ranges to our shelves. New to Australia these juice lines have just landed from the UK and make their debut appearance here at The Vape Dunegon. 

21 Vape is an award winning ejuice range featuring 5 lollie inspired flavours. Will you hold the King of Clubs, Ten of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts, The Joker or go all in for Blackjack?

Vapour Baker has all of your favorite after dinner desserts covered. Key Lime Sublime, Lemon Tart, Vanilla Slice, Fresh Doughnut, Blueberry Muffin and Jam Doughnut. All of the treats with none of the calories.

Juice Co is a refreshing fruit range bursting with flavour. The perfect all day vape just in time for spring. If you are a fan of mango then this 8 flavour range has all bases covered.

Tornado Pro is a whirlwind of 6 flavours, from Tropical Storm to Polar Freeze the forecast is a mixture of Monsoons and Twisters

The Vape Dungeon is proud to be the first store in Australia to stock these amazing flavours. Available instore or online, be one of the first to experience the taste of one of the latest best selling juices in the UK.